I met your sister 3 b. MASC, nene.

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Aim at where the second bottom wire meets the pole. Secret Cross 2 T Box : Line yourself with the edge of the blue box. Release when your crosshair reaches the box. Walk Left Click Throw.

Pair with flash at same position. Aim below the window edge, to around the level of the window corner on the left.

Aim at the left edge of the roof vent. Left Click Throw.

Smoke lands next to Red. Aim up from the left edge of the sign, up between the wire and the fence. Crouch Jump Throw. Smoke lands next to Secret.


Secret Rush Smoke 3: Run along the fence wall. Aim slightly above the height of the fence. Aim at slightly left of the third bar from the line on the roof, and at the level of the shadow.

Aiming is a little precise. Crouch Left Click Throw. Pops on the metal flooring Outside Heaven.

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Stand on the flat floor just at the top of the stairs. Aim at the corner. Run Left Click Throw. Requires some practice. Line yourself with the line on the grey pipe on Silo. Aim at the pole holding the big light.

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Place crosshair at where the black line meets the line on the metal, then move your aim right to the corner of the pipe. Walk all the way back until you get stuck on the roof railing. Main Smoke From Squeaky : Line up under the third dark line from the left, where it meets with the metal. Aim between the handle and the lock on the door. Open the door before throwing the smoke. Have teammate open the door. Squeaky Lurk Smoke: Get to the wall corner and crouch.

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Social deictics encode contextual information about the social relationships among interactants an overview in ManningAsif The contextual parameters that determine their use in Romanian are social distance social class, education, age, sex, and statutehierarchic asymmetry and degree of intimacy between the interlocutors Ruxndoiu ; erbnescu ; Vasilescu GALR I: ; for a contrastive approach of Mey din light matchmaing and English politeness pronouns, see Pisoschi Although the use of social deictics is predetermined by contextual expectations, the various forms of address are directly negotiable among the participants in the speech event.

Marked options generate conversational implicatures like assumed equality with the interlocutor, minimalization or maximalization of hierarchic asymmetries or social distance, a change in the discourse relations dynamics, discourse power shifts, persuasive strategies, irony, etc. Social deictics often interfere with empathetic deictics. Romanian displays lexical and grammatical devices to instantiate social deixis, which may co-occur in use. The context, the co-text, and sometimes intonation play an important role in disambiguating syncretisms and in activating implicatures.

Lexical devices The lexical devices of encoding social deixis are: the paradigm of the politeness pronoun, deference values contextually arnhem dating to some reflexive and possessive pronouns or constructions, generic terms of address, nouns that designate the institutional position of the interlocutors, kinship and in-group terms, interjections, honorifics, self-depreciating words, intensifiers, and greeting terms.

Pronouns of politeness Typologically, Romanian is a T u -V ous distinction language, i. Accordingly, politeness pronouns are organized in a paradigm of forms for the 2nd and the 3rd persons, singular and plural, with number syncretisms for the 2nd person and overt gender distinctions for the 3rd person singular.

Taking the personal pronoun as a point of reference, the various forms of the politeness pronoun can be placed along the politeness continuum as shown in Table 1.

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The terms marked for the highest degree of politeness are also formal and emphatic. Table 1.

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M MASC. F FEM. On the basis of their etymology, contextual distribution in Old Romanian and some dialectal uses, traditional Romanian grammars for example Avram label dnsul, dnsa, dnii, dnsele as personal pronouns.

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Yet, the present day literary use has attracted these forms in the system of politeness, as the least polite terms on the continuum. Under the Anglo-Saxon influence, aftertu instead of dumneavoastr is ever more used at work place among colleagues of different ages and hierarchic 23 positions, and it has been almost generalized in media communication dialogues with the audience in TV and radio broadcasts. Te temi de montri, Maria? Do you fear monsters, Mary? V temei de montri, domnule? Do you fear monsters, sir?

The plural context in 2 is ambiguous in point of the [ deferent] feature, but it is disambiguated contextually. The two Possessive forms for the 3rd person singular, which entered ixdate dating the etymological opposition [ reflexive] in earlier stages of the language cartea sa. At the same time, sa does not mark gender distinctions overtly, while its personal counterpart does lui.

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Am cunoscut-o pe sora ta 3 a. SG met-her. I met your sister 3 b. SG have.

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SG met sister-the 3 b. I met your sister. Generic politeness terms Nouns inflected for number sg. Generic politeness terms can be used both as vocative appellatives as in 4 a and integrated in the sentence structure in various syntactic slots subject, predicative, direct object, indirect object, adjunctsas in 4 b.

Doamn, nu insistai! VOC, not insist. Madam, do not insist! Domnioara este sora mea 4 b. Young lady-the.

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NOM is sister-the. NOM my 4 b. SG yesterday 5 e.

Comunicare i identitate.

Mister Ionescu 6 b. Miss Popescu 7 a.

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Mister John 7 b. Dana Also, the definite generic politeness terms are part of deictic phrases in combination with names of institutional positions or professions perceived to be of social prestige or dominance, as in 8 a e, but not in 9 a b. Academy member c.

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Minister d. Attorney e.

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Police officer 9 a. Mister worker 26 9 b. Mister scavenger In combination with nouns of professions and institutional positions they became obligatory markers of deference to the interlocutor or to the observer Under the Anglo-Saxon influence, the deletion of the deictic marker in journalism conveys objective stance in reporting events Domnul Iliescu a spus ntr-o conferin de pres In a press conference, Mister Iliescu said 10 b.

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Domnul preedinte a declarat c 10 b. Mister president declared that 11 a. Iliescu a spus ntr-o conferin de pres Iliescu said in a press conference 11 b.

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Preedintele a declarat c The president declared that The use of profession terms in the vocative case without the deictic marker shows discursive intimacy Ce faci, doctore? How are you, doctor. Profesore, ce mai faci? VOC, how are you?