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    Ban-List ^Dau^Pentru^Mine*

    Name: Bubu  IP: 166.135.16 Reason: wall Unban Time:Permanent
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    Ban-List ^Dau^Pentru^Mine*

    Name: ALBOR3OM  IP: Reason: no.wg Unban Time: Permanent
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    Ban-List ^Dau^Pentru^Mine*

    Name: FreeZeeR.# IP: Reason: wall {neprez.wg} Unban Time: Permanent
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    Cerere admin GoD | * Mar1uss *.

    Contra ... fa niste ore
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  6. Nickul vostru: ^Dau^Pentru^Mine* IP-ul (www.iptest.ro): STEAMID-ul: Motivul pentru care aţi primit ban: Adminul care te-a banat: .:: [XFG]::. Ghost Ora aproximativă: nu mai tin minte Dovezile tale (Print la consola): https://www34.zippyshare.com/v/1Gg9BERy/file.html
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