Nu sunt selectate sau validate manual, așadar pot conține termeni inadecvați. For those who consider themselves addicted, communities like NoFap prescribe a "reboot period" to undo the neurological harm they say is caused by years of pornography abuse. Other scientists, psychologists and medical professionals go even further, arguing that much of what gets called porn addiction is pseudoscience. Much more seriously, both have accused each other of stalking, defamation and threatening behavior, which has turned a disagreement over science into a battle in the courtroom. Eventually, he came across an erectile dysfunction test that asked him if he could masturbate without porn. Finally, my daughter's dating an adult.

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But he wants to focus on the mental and physical health risks -- the sexual dysfunction, the depression, the emotional malaise -- which he's felt firsthand. For some, it's self improvement. Others, like Deem, assess their habits after recognizing symptoms of addiction.

For those who consider themselves addicted, communities like NoFap prescribe a "reboot period" to undo the neurological harm they say is caused by years of pornography abuse. Reboots usually span 90 days, but if symptoms persist, can take over six months. Online communities have different guidelines for "rebooting. Though these communities tend to view porn, rather than masturbation, as the problem, they argue that the brain benefits from a deep detox of all porn-related stimuli.

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Just as they question porn addiction itself, some medical professionals question the value of rebooting. David Ley, a practicing psychologist and sex therapist who once debated Deem on Katie Couric's talkshowtold me there's "not a shred of evidence" for it. But whatever the reason, posters on NoFap report withdrawal symptoms during their reboot period.

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A guide on NoFap's website on rebooting. Several people I spoke with cited enhanced feelings of self-control and mindfulness. Deem said he felt terrible for months but began to feel "glimmers of hope" after 90 days. He said it was 15 months before he could orgasm through masturbation without porn.

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Many who stop watching porn cold turkey experience withdrawal symptoms. NoFap UNLV's Kraus says that there's "no scholarship" yet on how reboots work and that we don't really know why people experience these symptoms. It could be," he said.

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Other scientists, psychologists and medical professionals go even further, arguing that much of what gets called porn addiction is pseudoscience. Brain changes aren't always bad changes "I don't doubt some people have problems viewing too much porn," says Nicole Prause, a neuroscientist and sex researcher.

In other words, she argues, the "addictions" are really coping mechanisms. This appeared relevant to some of the people I spoke to.

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Along with clinical psychologist Ley, she's been a leading scrutineer of claims made by the anti-porn movement ever since. It's not just that the "addiction" label is being misapplied, Prause says, but that the neuroscientific claims circulating in communities like NoFap range from misguided to flat-out incorrect.

She says a lot of the arguments from anti-porn circles stem from a "differences as a problem" fallacy: MRI studies show how people's brains react to porn compared with other media, and those differences are eagerly interpreted as harmful.

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Nicole Prause at her own Ted Talk. There's nothing wrong about brain changes. One of Prause's studies showed that porn elicited strong positive and negative emotion at the same time -- excitement, guilt, happiness, shame -- making it a hazardous coping mechanism.

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And Ley says people should scrutinize their porn and masturbation behavior, as NoFap encourages people to do, rather than be on sexual autopilot. For his part, Deem says he's not "anti-porn, just pro education.

People who have diagnosed themselves find these communities and then, confronted with stories similar to their own, become convinced their diagnosis is correct. Ley's point is a veiled jab at the likes of Deem and Wilson, who have no scientific certifications. The selfish type of sadist who only keeps women who are willing to listen to his orders around.

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But is that a real addiction? Scientists are divided.

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