Paris: Minuit, Mille plateaux. De cealalta parte, cumparatorul a avut in echipa sa banca de investitii americana Citibank pentru serviciile de consultanta pe partea de fuziuni si achizitii, firma de avocatura RTPR pe partea de consultanta juridica in timp ce KPMG s-a ocupat de activitatile de due diligence. La un astfel de calibru, tranzactia este cea mai mare din istoria pietei locale de electricitate si una dintre cele mai mari din piata de energie.

It is, in other words, not a coincidence that many artists, activists, researchers, and thinkers today are engaged in cartographic projects, are turning towards maps and mapping as central means and methods.

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Towards critically cartographic practices in search of proposals or propositions in terms of understanding or intervening in the constantly mutating forces of global capitalism, as of now so enmeshed in spatial and border and territory issues. Could we even suggest a geographical or spatial turn in contemporary thought, parallel to the two previous and decisive turns in 20th century thought, the linguistic turn and, then, the visual turn?

In any case, no history of the 20th and 21st centuries can ignore geography and cartography, the map, the map-makers and the map-readers. In this context, it is then also crucial to note that mapping, cartographic production, processes of mapmaking, is in our present no longer an exclusive practice of territorial or institutional platforms.

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Given developments such as the availability of GPS data or Internet-based map archives such as Google Earth, as well as on-line cartographic tools, it is a central crucial feature of the present that cartography and mapmaking is no longer strictly an expert or disciplinary issue. It exists and is possible through much more popular or vernacular platforms and is available and accessible on a broader scale than ever.

This is altogether a decisive shift regarding the conditions of mapmaking and cartography.

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Mapping the Contemporary, attends to this geographical turn in contemporary creativity and representational practices. Promoting cartographic literacy, imagining the map as a problem- atic, unpredictable, productive, liberating instrument and tool for the present.

BB3 invites map-makers, cartographers and map-readers of all varieties to what might with equal validity be described as an exhibition, a project, a resource centre and a statement.

Given the map as the axis of concentration, BB3 offers a consistently trans- or cross- interdisciplinary approach to its subject matter. The presented selection is not dependent on a particular medium or discipline, but engages instead in the act of representing projects found in a powerful interface between contemporary culture and contemporary creativity, works that chart and address the contemporary moment.

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Thus artistic practices are encountered alongside with the work of alternative cartographers, geographers, political scientists, artists standing in as cartographers, and so forth. Contemporary artists are re-contextualised as original mapmakers, remapping the discipline of cartography itself from the inside.

Other projects apply cartography and maps towards resisting particular policies and oppressive systems.

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Or towards redrawing the given and known maps, inventing alternative cartographies, acknowledging fully that mapping is also a politics of knowledge. The map is — in order to have some kind of definition — a graphic representation which suggest or facilitate a spatial understanding of objects, concepts, processes or events in the human world. Capitalisme et schizophrénie.

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By Deleuze and Félix Guattari. Paris: Minuit, Mille plateaux.

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A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia. Brian Massumi. Avand in vedere anvergura tranzactiei, imprumutul estimat la un ordin de marime al sutelor de milioane de euro va fi una dintre cele mai mari finantari corporate din ultimii ani la nivelul pietei locale.

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O alta sursa importanta este capitalul investitorilor, fondul Macquarie avand bani proveniti din fondul de pensii al profesorilor din Illinois pana la cei pusi la dispozitie de firme de asigurari din Anglia, Germania sau China sau de la fonduri suverane de investitii, printre cele mai active in acest domeniu fiind state din Asia. CEZ a intrat in Romania in odata cu privatizarea distributiei de energie electrica Electrica Oltenia si a serviciilor aferente de furnizare a energiei in aceasta zona, majorandu-si ulterior portofoliul local in zona de productie de energie, prin dezvoltarea celui mai mare parc eolian pe uscat din Europa si preluarea unui set de microhidrocentrale.

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  • Each and every map is pursuing its particular job, its specific incremental addition to the world, its reading of specific elements, components, details, of the world, its undoing of those same elements, specificities, particulars; while, simultaneously, pointing — insidiously and exuberantly — to that always overdetermined totality of all measures and things, that which we like to call reality.
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Portofoliul CEZ cuprinde 1,4 milioane de clienti in zona de furnizare de servicii de energie, la care se adauga din un parc de productie de energie eoliana cu o putere instalata de MW in apropierea localitatilor Fantanele si Cogealac, respectiv din un grup de patru microhidrocentrale cu o putere instalata totala de 22 MW, localizate in apropiere de Resita. Dupa suspendarea subventiei care a atras mai multi investitori in Romania in sectorul productiei de energie eoliana, precum si in conditiile in care activele locale au devenit tot mai putin atractive comparativ cu alte piete, grupul ceh a inceput sa tatoneze piata pentru un eventual proces de exit in urma cu cativa ani.

In context, trebuie spus ca inun alt investitor major in piata de energie, grupul italian Enel demarase un proces de vanzare a operatiunilor sale din Romania, insa nemultumit de evolutia tranzactiei, a decis sa opreasca un astfel de demers.

Pe 9 septembrieCEZ a pornit procesul formal de vanzare a setului sau de active din Romania, primind 19 oferte indicative in prima faza a tranzactiei. In contextul pregatirilor de vanzare, cehii au decis pe 13 decembrie sa isi reduca participatiile detinute la Tomis Team SA si Ovidiu Development SRL, companii prin care opereaza portofoliul de productie eoliana.

Astfel, CEZ a anuntat ca a incasat astfel 2,5 mld. Declansarea pandemiei de Covid 19 in primavara a pus insa presiune asupra calendarului tranzactiei, avand in vedere ca autoritatile de la Bucuresti au decis, printre altele, suspendarea vanzarii de pachete majoritare in companii din sistemul energetic national pe perioada starii de urgenta, care a durat doua luni in perioada martie — mai Pe 25 iunievanzatorul a primit ofertele angajante din partea investitorilor potential interesati, dand indicii clare ca tranzactia se indreapta catre un investitor financiar, pe fondul unui interes mai mare din partea unei astfel de clase de investitori.

Tranzactia a atras si interesul statului roman, care prin intermediul unui consortiu din care faceau parte Hidroelectrica si Electrica, a depus oferta pentru achizitia portofoliului de active CEZ. Anuntul din 23 octombrie confirma apetitul pentru astfel de tranzactii din partea managerilor de capital privat, care in ultimii ani au strans fonduri proaspete de la investitori si cauta oportunitati intr-o astfel de clasa de active cu randamente mai mari decat in Europa de Vest, pe fondul precautiei afisate de catre investitorii strategici in contextul actual de criza.

Pachetul CEZ din Romania dispune de o baza de active reglementate evaluata la mil. Valoarea capitalurilor proprii ale activelor scoase la vanzare era prezentata anterior la 1,07 mld.

  1. Lasă un răspuns Grupul ceh de utilitati CEZ a anuntat astazi ca a ajuns la un acord de vanzare a operatiunilor sale din Romania catre un consortiu de investitori condus de catre fondul de investitii Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 6, administrat de catre australienii de la Macquarie.

Gigantul financiar australian Macquarie administreaza prin bratul sau Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets MIRA un portofoliu de zeci de fonduri de investitii in intreaga lume.