A fost exact ceea ce aveam nevoie acum că sa terminat. Termenul limită a anunțat în ianuarie că MTV a aprins spectacolul verde, iar astăzi am primit în sfârșit un gust al spectacolului care urmează. Pepsi albastru condimentat de dimineața devreme? Pauly reached a creative peak in the 70s when he played lead trumpet with Count Basie.

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Pauly Cohen's 90th Birthday Tribute Publicat in: For reservations, please call His credits include hundreds of recording sessions, TV and Radio programs, and many many years on the road. An early mentor and friend was Dizzy Gillespie, dating back to the mids, when they were both in the trumpet section of the Earl Hines Big Band that also included Charlie Parker. Pauly reached a creative peak in the 70s when pauly dating played lead trumpet with Count Basie.

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Instead, he formed his own group populated by other big band veterans, which he pauly dating to lead today, on the eve of his 90th birthday. It has a more universal appeal because it's about something everyone experiences: aging. Pauly Cohen, about to enter his ninth decade, is still actively pursuing his big band dream at a time in life when those who have survived the ravages of old age are most likely retired and lined up for an early dinner.

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Thankfully, there is a man of action like Pauly Cohen, to remind us that we can continue to do what we love, long past forced retirement. Pauly will sharing his lead trumpet and big band experiences with a superb College band.

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Wednesday afternoon, October 3, Blue Jean Blues, Fort Lauderdale, Lunch with a Minyan, an intimate birthday day celebration with Pauly and twelve of his closest friends.