During her exams to the eighth grade at the gymnasium she signed her first written work with the surname of Zilberman. We rented an apartment from a Moldovan family. Avand in vedere faptul ca Societatea doreste imbunatatirea experientei Utilizatorilor pe Site, aceasta incurajeaza opiniile si sugestiile; totusi, Societatea poate folosi comentariile sau sugestiile fara niciun fel de obligatie fata de Utilizatori. I learned to read from this newspaper asking him, 'Which is this letter? He went to the NKVD [20] office and said that Melstein had contributed money to the communist party, but they responded, 'Just be grateful that you are free and take your good leave.

Twenty years after the war my husband and I met with her in Kaunas. Salomeya was a good pianist. Her husband was Lithuanian and they had a son. Several years later Salomeya moved to England and I never heard from her again. I also remember my classmate Sima Zhytomirskaya. They were Ashkenazi Jews, but had lived in Bukhara for a long time. There was also a group of Bukhara Jews [26].

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I also remember a very pretty girl, whose last name was Dolidze. Her mother was Georgian and her father was a German, who had been deported from the European part of Russia during the war. I don't know whether anti-Semitism existed in Uzbekistan at the time. Of course, some boys ran after my grandmother shouting 'zhydovka' [abusive word for Jewish females]. This might have happened, but generally one needs to understand that the locals gave us accommodation and food.

I think they were rather loyal and tolerant. As for school, almost all the teachers and students were Jewish, so there was no question of anti-Semitism. I joined the Komsomol [27] in Bukhara.

The death rate in Bukhara was high. At one time I worked as a statistics operator in Bukhara.

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  4. My family background My maternal grandfather, Srul Orentlikher, came from the town of Starokonstantinov in Ukraine [a district town in Volyn province; according to the census of it had 16, residents and of them were Jews].
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Each morning I received information about the number of people who died of typhus or enteric fever. I was only 15 years old and I couldn't bear to work there. It was hard to know this.

My father returned to Bukhara inafter the victory.

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He was sent to work as a manager for straw stocks for the front at a station in the Bukhara region where the trains stopped for one minute. I worked for him as an assistant accountant and there were two Uzbeks pressing straw. Our friend Doctor Bregman sent us an invitation permit to go back to Kishinev and we went merry-cherry international dating site.

The town was ruined: one could walk across yards from the railway station to Alexandrovskaya Street. The uptown was in better condition, but the lower part, which was a ghetto during the war, looked awful [see Kishinev Ghetto] [28]. Our house had been torn apart. We stayed at Doctor Bregman's hospital at first, but it was impossible to live like that much longer. My father got information about his relatives.

Grandfather Meir was 80 when the Great Patriotic War began and he refused to evacuate. He said to his older son Haim, 'Whether one is poor or dead doesn't matter. I will stay. The whole population was Jewish and all local residents were killed.

Haim, his wife Montia and their younger daughter Perl left Dombroveni with a horse-drawn cart, but the Germans captured them.

Our neighbors merry-cherry international dating site they made them dig their own graves. Leib and Huna perished at the front near Stalingrad. Iosl perished in the Gulag [29]. His daughter lives in Bochum in Germany. Haim's daughter Shyfra lives in New York. Avrum and his wife perished. Only three of their eight children survived. Rachil was taken to jail in Tiraspol and sent to the Gulag. In the Gulag a Jewish doctor employed her as an attendant at the hospital and thus saved her life.

Rachil got married in exile and had two daughters: Sofa and Muza. Rachil is 90 now. She lives in Israel, in the town of Ashdod. Avrum's daughter Ida lived in Kurgan in the Urals where she worked at a mine. This is all I know about her. Efraim moved to Israel in the late s.

He has passed away already. After the war the sovkhoz board moved into my grandfather's house in Dombroveni. Everybody told my father, 'You are an heir: go get what is yours,' but he replied, 'I don't want to go there, when there is no one there. Uncle Philip took part in the Resistance. His wife Fira perished in Auschwitz, her English citizenship didn't save her.

They left their son Serge with a French man and he survived. Philip married a French woman who was in the movement with him after the war. We didn't know her. They lived in afrika dating south of France.

Philip died in the s. His son Serge lived with his mother's sister. After his father died they moved to America where he left the Orent part of his surname. I know that he lives in New Jersey State, and he is married with three children. He is a computer manager. My mother died 15 years ago, and Serge and I have lost contact since then. Post-war In I finished the tenth grade and wanted to study languages. My parents and I moved to Chernovtsy. At the end of the war many Ukrainian families left the town following the retreating Germans and there were vacant apartments available.

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After the liberation of Transnistria [30], Jews from the ghetto rushed to Chernovtsy: we were a little late having stayed in Kishinev for a year. Those who came there in lived in nice apartments.

Chernovtsy is a beautiful town. Our faculty resided in the former Metropolitan's residence, in the beautiful building of red bricks.

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I lived the best years of my life when I was a student. We were divided into two groups. I was in a stronger group where all students were Jews and only two Ukrainians. Almost all students in our group were either veterans of the war or former inmates of ghettos in Transnistria. The political situation was rather severe: there were Bandera [31] gangs in the area. One day we went to the university and got to know that all third-year students had been arrested.

The authorities had found out that they had Bandera flyers. At this time the campaign against 'cosmopolitans' [32] began. Ilia Gordon, a Jewish lecturer on foreign literature was sent away from Kiev [today Ukraine] to work in our town. The Party Bureau taped his lectures to review them later. We felt sorry for him and did our best to study his subject and obtain good marks in it. Another demonstration of state anti-Semitism was that they closed the Jewish Theater in Chernovtsy. Actually, this was the Kiev Theater [founded in ], but after the war they merry-cherry international dating site allowed to return to the capital and had to move to Chernovtsy.

They were always sold out since Chernovtsy was a Jewish town then.

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Some actors went to work in Russian and Ukrainian theaters, but many lost their jobs after it had been closed down. I also remember another incident: the university announced a party for local young people. I thought since I was a Bessarabian girl I was to be a local resident, but they didn't let me in, or any Jew for that matter. Only Ukrainians were allowed to attend it. However, there wasn't much impact of this kind on our studies.

Our group was very close. We often had parties, celebrated birthdays, went to the theater and cinema.

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Our groups welcomed the establishment of Israel. We were ready to move to Israel as volunteers. Our co-student Anatoliy Kogan, who later became a writer in Kishinev, could play the piano very well. He occasionally played the 'Hatikva' [33]: there was a piano in the corridor of our faculty.

Of course, we were a little afraid, but we were young and we were happy about Israel. Later, twelve former students of our group moved to Israel. Four still live there. When I was in my fifth year of studies I went to Kishinev on vacation. I stayed with my aunt Sonia Gerstein. When I visited my acquaintance, I met a fifth-year student of the Agricultural College, who rented a room from her.

His name was Moisey Shpitalnik. We liked each other and began to correspond. Moisey finished his college: students of the Agricultural College had graduate exams before we did since they were to do seeding in the fields, and received a job assignment to Floreshty [see mandatory job assignment in the USSR] [34].

He came to Chernovtsy and said we had to get married immediately, so that I could get my job assignment in the same town. So we did. My husband's father, Girsh Shpitalnik, was the manager of a timber storage in Rybnitsa; he was a high-skilled specialist in the woodworking industry.

His mother, Sura Shpitalnik, was a housewife. Moisey's older brother, Israel, born infinished the Railroad College in Dnepropetrovsk. In May he got married, and in June the war began.

Israel was a lieutenant during the war, taken into captivity and executed. His wife Tania and his parents were taken to a ghetto. My husband's sister Hana was born in Rybnitsa in My husband was born merry-cherry international dating site Rybnitsa in Moisey went to a Jewish school.

In the school was closed down and its director was arrested. The children were taken to a Ukrainian school. During the war the family made an effort to evacuate. They moved on foot and had a cow with them.

Near Balty in Odessa region, they got in encirclement and were taken to a ghetto with other Jews where they were kept until My husband told me that once Romanians beat him hard for having dropped a beam that was too heavy for him.

He stuttered for a long time afterward. Later, he worked in a shop where they made valenki boots [traditional Russian winter felt boots]. He had a trophic ulcer from the sulfuric acid used for valenki making. Moisey said there were underground activists, who made valenki in such a manner that they fell apart promptly in the frost, but the Germans couldn't tell the difference.

Israel's wife Tania died from typhus in the ghetto and the rest of them survived. Moisey's mother died in and his father died in His father came to our wedding with his second wife: she was a relative, who survived in the Odessa ghetto, while her family perished in the ghetto. Moisey's sister, Hana Vapniar, lived in Rybnitsa and worked as a medical nurse. She had no children. Hana died in We got married in and moved to Floreshty where we lived merry-cherry international dating site five years.

I was a French teacher at school and my husband was a senior agronomist. There were 90 Jewish families in Floreshty at that time: a significant number considering that this was the postwar period. In our Moldovan school almost all the teachers were Jews: Lev Shoichet, mathematics teacher, he had graduated from a university in Bukhara, Shapiro - the Russian language and literature teacher, Schwartzman - biology teacher, Riva Chamelis - chemistry teacher, and Liya Darkhova - history teacher.

Only one Moldovan teacher and a history teacher in the senior classes were non-Jewish. I don't think that I was a good pedagog: my students walked over me. When writing my diploma thesis in our university library, I got acquainted with bibliography and I started thinking about it. After I went to Floreshty my parents returned to Kishinev. At first, they stayed in a through room in their relatives' apartment, but later they collected some money.

I translated the novel by Polevoy, Boris [35], 'Gold', into Moldovan and received a significant fee for this work. We paid this money to the owner of an unfinished house in Bayukany, as he needed money dating pll finish the construction, and we bought half of this house from him. We lived in Floreshty, when in the Doctors' Plot [36] began. However, it wasn't so severe in Moldova. Brezhnev [37], secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Moldova at that time, was rather mild.

There were a few arrests, but they resulted from actual medical mistakes. Though the general atmosphere was depressing, it was still not as severe as in Moscow and Leningrad. However, there appeared rumors that Jews were to be taken to live in barracks in Siberia and Altayskiy Krai. When Stalin died in springthere was a meeting in Floreshty and I cried, of course. We were very concerned about our future. We knew a lot about and we weren't so shocked, when in the Twentieth Party Congress [38] took place and Khrushchev's [39] report was published afterward, though of course, it brought us hope for a better life and more democracy.

In my husband and I moved to Kishinev, to my parents. I had a higher education, five-year teaching experience and I also finished an extramural course in English.

I went to district education departments, but they refused to employ me due to my nationality [see Item 5] [40]. They just replied that they had no vacancies, even though they did have them. Then a friend of mine who worked at the Medical College, called me: 'You know they need a person who knows foreign languages in our library. After the war they weren't allowed to return to Leningrad. The college functioned during the German occupation for half a year, and then the authorities blamed its employees for this.

It moved to Kishinev. This library had a good collection of foreign books that the college partially received as part of German reparations: a significant part of it belonged to Richard Koch, a Jewish doctor, who got political asylum in merry-cherry international dating site USSR before World War II and lived in Piatigorsk. When I went to see the human resources manager, he got indignant, 'Who is this you've brought in here? Israel has attacked Egypt' piscină online de dating Egypt entered into a military pact with Syria and Jordan for aggression against Israel, on 29th October Israeli forces attacked the Egyptian positions on the Sinai Peninsula].

Can you imagine any links between me and the Israeli attack on Egypt? However, he employed me, as he didn't have an alternative because I knew French and English, and had a rather good conduct of German. Later, I was sent to a two-year extramural training course for librarians and after finishing it began to work as a bibliographer. We lived with my parents and I built up my marital life: my husband and I were friends.

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We managed to provide for ourselves and we remembered about 'cutting your coat according to your cloth. My husband worked as an agronomist in a sovkhoz in Gratieshty where he could buy cheap vegetables and fruits.

My father worked as an accountant in hospitals or kindergartens. I worked and received additional income for my knowledge of foreign languages. We were given our first television as a housewarming party gift in ; it had a lens. My husband and I were fond of classical music and had season tickets to the Philharmonic.

When the opera theater opened in Kishinev we went to all the premieres. We also went to drama performances and the cinema. We particularly enjoyed this tour since we were both very fond of Pushkin.

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My husband was rather a prosaic man, but there he couldn't help reciting poems. This was at the time when Geichenko was director of the Pushkin preservation and he organized everything in the best way. We visited Mikhaylovskoye and Trigorskoye, the Sviatogorsk monastery where Pushkin was buried. This tour ended with spending ten days in Leningrad. Our friends in Kishinev comprised about ten Jewish couples. Moisey and I were the youngest in this company. We were more Soviet-minded while the others came from former Zionist organizations during the Romanian rule: Betar [41], Gordonia [42].

We often got together, celebrated birthdays, Jewish holidays and the European New Year. We merry-cherry international dating site followed the events in Israel closely on television and radio. I remember when the Six-Day-War [43] began, my father turned 70 and we wanted to celebrate this birthday, but he said, 'Not while this is happening in Israel.

When all of a sudden victory came! Our friends got together in our home without any pre-arrangements and we had a feast. Moisey was quite a phenomenon in this respect: he could lay the table within 15 minutes and there was plenty of food on it.

Moisey was very good at making great cakes. Our friends called one of his cakes 'shpitalnyi' [Shpitalnik's cake] after him. His gefilte fish was particularly popular. I wasn't as good in the kitchen as he was. In the circle of our friends we often said that when we move to Israel, Moisey would be a chef there, but he replied, 'I only like to cook for my friends. This happened on 22nd April, on the th anniversary of Lenin's birthday. My father fell very ill and we sent him to hospital where he died on the night of 1st May.

We buried him in the Jewish cemetery. When in the s Jews began to move to Israel, most of our friends left. At that time I was the director of the bibliographic department and I was so fond of the Medical College that I couldn't even think of quitting. Moisey couldn't leave his sovkhoz, and my mother didn't want to leave dating online wsj. She used to say, 'I won't merry-cherry international dating site sufficient space there.

There was no logic in it, but her point of view was important for us and we decided to stay. I worked at the Medical College for 34 years as director of the bibliographic department and I also held the position of junior employee translating articles from foreign magazines after work.

I was good at foreign languages, and even translated from Dutch. One of my friends in college used to say, 'She knows everything, but Hungarian.

I remember one of them: he suddenly bumped into a medical book in Japanese and somebody told him, 'Well, why don't you talk to Sarra Shpitalnik. I liked literature and often conducted reviews of literary works in senior groups of students: curators of groups invited me.

Most often I spoke on the subject of 'The character of doctors in fiction. Later, I published articles about fiction literature, medical workers during the Great Patriotic War in the 'Medical worker' the institute paper, articles in our professional magazine, 'Sovetskaya bibliografiya': 'Soviet bibliography' [published in Moscow since ] and other periodicals. I liked my work. It distracted me from thinking about our problem: we had no children.

We were a team in the library and there was no anti-Semitism. We celebrated birthdays and Soviet holidays together. The library wasn't far from my house and I walked to work.

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There was an affiliate of our library in Malaya Malina, a distant district. Once someone told me that our director said, 'We shall send this zhydovka to Malaya Malina and get rid of her. She was a little jealous that all the lecturers addressed me with their problems: just because I knew medical definitions, and languages. When she said, 'Sarra, you will go to work in Malaya Malina', I was prepared and replied, 'Great, there is bus 9 stopping by my house: it goes straight there,' and she was discouraged.

Later, I returned to the central department and retired from there. In I became a pensioner, but I stayed at work part-time. My mother broke her hip and merry-cherry international dating site only get up from her bed when Moisey and I supported her. She spent most of the time in her room reading and watching television.

When perestroika [45] began, my mother watched all information programs, particularly, when Gorbachev [46] spoke. She treated him with great sympathy and when he appeared on the screen, she said, 'It's like one's own father comes into the room. There were many interesting publications in the press, something that we could only discuss with our closest friends, and there were books published which had been banned before.

My mother died of cancer in We buried her in the Doina, in the Jewish sector since the Jewish cemetery had been closed by then. By this time the Jewish society appeared in Kishinev. It was something very different for us.

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There were lectures on Jewish traditions where material and courses in Hebrew were available. In the s the rest of our friends moved to Israel. In my husband and I decided to move to Israel. We studied Hebrew for half a year. We obtained a visa, when all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with fear. Our friends weren't very encouraging: 'You have no children.

You won't have anything to do here. Moisey wouldn't be able to find a job with his occupation, merry-cherry international dating site you wouldn't get any allowances since you've not come of proper age. I went to work there. My husband and I visited our friends in Israel twice: in and We lived in Bat Yam near Tel Aviv. The telephone kept ringing: my former fellow students from Chernovtsy University and our friends from Kishinev wanted to talk to us.

My husband was shocked that they managed to grow a garden on stones. Besides, our friend took us to the cactus garden in Holon. This was an amazing view: there were little cactus plants and huge trees and they were blooming beautifully. We took our second trip on a boat from Odessa since my husband could obtain a free ticket as a former ghetto inmate. We bought a ticket for me. We stayed with our friends in Haifa. During our first trip we were in Yad Vashem [48] late in the evening and didn't see anything.

In we went there for the second time.

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When the tour guide heard that my husband was in the ghetto, she treated us particularly warmly. Israel is very impressive; I believe one has to visit there. When the charity center Hesed [49] Jehuda opened in Kishinev, I went to work there as a volunteer.

Before they got their own building they worked in our library partially. They generated the lists of needy Jews, distributed matzah, or clothes. Every month I lecture on Jewish literature for them. We've had a club of pensioners in Hesed for ten years and I'm an active member there.

In I celebrated the presentation of my book 'Jews of Moldova' at the library; it's an annotated guide in Romanian. Inits extended and added edition was issued with a resume in English.

Here in the library we celebrated my 70th anniversary [] and my husband and my golden wedding []. Our colleagues asked Moisey to make his outstanding gefilte fish, and it was great. Moisey died two years after this anniversary. I buried him in the Jewish cemetery near my father and bought myself a place there.

Born in Okup, a small village in Western Ukraine, he was orphaned merry-cherry international dating site the age of 5 and was raised by the local community.

He would often spend his time in the fields, woods and mountains instead of school. He worked as a school aid and later as a shammash. He got married and settled in the Carpathean mountains not far from Brody. He studied alone for seven years and began to reveal himself in Merry-cherry international dating site to Talust, he gained a reputation as a miracle worker and soul master.

Then he moved to Medzhibozh in Western Ukraine where he lived and taught for the remainder of his life. His teachings were preserved by his disciple Yakov Yosef of Polonoye. Bessarabia was part of Russia until the Revolution of In it declared itself an independent republic, and later it united with Romania. The Treaty of Paris recognized the union but the Soviet Union never accepted this. The two provinces had almost 4 million inhabitants, mostly Romanians.

Today it is part of Moldova. During the pogroms of self-defense was organized spontaneously in different places. Following pogroms at the beginning of the 20th century, collective defense units were set up in the cities and towns of Belarus and Ukraine, which raised money and bought arms.

The nucleus of the self-defense movement came from the Jewish labor parties and their military units, and it had a widespread following among the rest of the people.

Organized defense groups are known to have existed in 42 cities. In order to impede autonomous aspirations, Russia occupied the Moldavian capital in January Upon Moldavia's desperate request, the army of neighboring Romania entered Kishinev in the same month recapturing the city from the Bolsheviks.

This was the decisive step toward merry-cherry international dating site union with Romania: the Moldavians accepted the annexation without any preliminary condition. Opiniile si sugestiile pot fi transmise la adresa Brăila, Str. Principală nr. Chişcani La intrarea din Brăila, dinspre Slobozia sau prin e-mail evenimente braila-mall. Renuntari si cesiuni Nicio situatie in care Societatea nu actioneaza de indata pentru realizarea unui drept al sau nu va fi interpretata ca o renuntare la acel drept sau la realizarea acestuia.

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