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RFA also discovered that one of the ships operating out of Sansha City on Woody island, was used to test an experimental command and communications system built with foreign technology.

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It reported that this likely transformed the vessel into a mobile communications and surveillance platform capable of transmitting intelligence back to the authorities on land. China is beefing up its presence in the strategic South China Sea, raising fears it is working to seize control of access to shipping routes to be used for possible economic coercion.

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It has also been accused of militarising reefs, atolls and waters that are claimed by other nations. Vietnam also views the Paracel islands as its own territory.

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The militia is embedded into China's fishing fleet to intimidate and squeeze out rival South East Asian claimants to the waters. In recent weeks, the Whitsun Reef claimed housit msn dating the Philippines became a flashpoint after more than Chinese vessels anchored there, defying diplomatic protests from Manila and the US.

China has denied all charges, insisting the vessels were fishing boats anchored in the area to shelter from rough seas. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

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