Within the economic crises and political instability that characterized the late s, eugenic sterilization attracted considerable attention from both the medical profession and social reformers interested in protecting the nation from alleged biological degeneration and social decline. Ever since those countries joined the European Union intheir people can move wherever they like within the bloc.

Elias in Bucharest or elsewhere.

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There was a monastery Sf. Ilie in Ia;i. The alphabet in use in was a hybrid, transitioning between Cyrillic and Latin : Because it was a transition alphabet, it can be easily dated.

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No Romanian would make such a mistake, ever. The alphabet of the poster The alphabet is no common alphabet. The book is called Arte de Escrevir on the cover and Arte de Escrivir inside.

Introduction Among various programmes of biological engineering developed in the twentieth century eugenic sterilization is one of the most notorious.

The author signs on the font page. We underlined in grey the most typical letters of the year, and the characteristically long serif of the L letter.

Grifo makes sense in the alphabet of Francisco Lucas it is the name of the font ; it makes less sense in this anonymous forgery. Another copy of the false poster.

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We have retrieved it online. We have covered in grey a recent intervention indicating the date and the place of some social event.

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We offer it below because the resolution of the image is better. Conclusions : The history of the Rroma and the history of the Rroma slavery should dispense with this pious forgery. Incidentally, one of the many sites of font creators who were inspired by Francisco Lucas is called pia-frauss.

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It is a naive forgery. One should note here that naive forgery is almost a pleonasm : if it is clever, the forgery will not be discovered. The first place where this forgery appeared is Ian Hancock's book.

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The Romanian language of the text is faulty, and the mistakes hint to an English speaker. The other mistake of the forger was to use a font that was too old — years too old, to be precise. But it turns out that it is as easy to carbon-date fonts as anything else.

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Google Books has two copies of the book : one is Francisco Lucas, Arte de Escrevir ; another one is François Lucas sic Arte de escrevir — and it is missing two leaves, andthe ones containing our Antiqua and our letra del Grifo We have been unable to find what library it comes from, and why somebody has torn exactly the pages with the two fonts.

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To him, the reason for the sudden rise in applications is perfectly clear - in July, the German Constitutional Court ruled that the standard benefits for asylum seekers must be Gypsy Woman Dating Site significantly, in line with standard unemployment benefits. Roma often face the same discrimination in Germany But the applications do not necessarily have much chance.

Consequently less than 0.

A forged poster about the sale of Gypsy slaves

EU citizenship is no guarantee Roma from Romania and Bulgaria can live in Germany without any need to make an application. Ever since those countries joined the European Union intheir people can move wherever they like within the bloc. More than 5, Bulgarians and Romanians have moved to the small western town of Duisburg alone since that last EU expansion, attracted by cheap accommodation in several suburban districts.

Because of labor limitations for eastern European EU citizens, they are not allowed to work in Germany.

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A lot of the children don't go to school, and very few adults have health insurance, and because they have no money they live in dilapidated houses. Not allowed to work, many Roma are driven into poverty Facing rejection The German population often feels disturbed by the newcomers. Complaints about garbage and noise are common.

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The sight of young men hanging round on the streets looking for work often causes resentment. And sometimes local communities are themselves already overburdened.

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Post navigation In Duisburg, the decline of the mining and steel industries has driven many into unemployment, and the public coffers have been empty for decades. But the situation of the Roma from Romania and Bulgaria could soon improve. The integration of a new immigrant community costs money. Özmal says German courses and opportunities to get qualifications are only possible if additional cash is made available for programs.