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The results from detailed geomorphological mapping and surface exposure dating 10Be in the Retezat, Făgăraş and Parâng Mountains give insight into their Pleistocene glacial history.

The Southern Carpathians are the highest mountain chain of the Romanian Carpathians, with 11 peaks higher than m a.

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Although evidence for Pleistocene glaciation in the Romanian Carpathians was pointed out over years ago, the timing and extent of the glaciation is still controversially discussed.

In the Retezat Mountains we focused our field work and boulder sampling on the north-facing Pietrele Valley, in the Parâng Mountains we worked in the northfacing Jieţ valley.

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We present new dating major math from geomorphological mapping from the eastern and central part of the Făgăraş Mountains, where landsliding and steep valley walls impede exposure dating. Two major glacial advances, M1, and M2 in local terminology Lolaia and, respectively, Judele-Jieţ have been previously described.

The most extensive M1-advance reached an elevation of 1, m a. The timing of the M1 advance is uncertain but it occurred either during the Early Würm MIS4 or during the Riss MIS6 glaciation, based on the relative chronology of pedological investigations. The exposure ages show that the younger M2 glacial advance Judele-Jieţ was deposited during the late glacial at There is no evidence in the field for a glacial advance during the global Last Glacial Dating major math LGM ; we therefore conclude that the glacial advance during the LGM was moisture-starved and therefore less extensive than the late glacial advance, which overran the LGM deposits.

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This is in good agreement with the sealevel data from the Mediterranean Sea, the moisture source for the region. The new investigations and geomorphological mapping in the eastern part of Făgăraş Mts. Luţele-Berevoiescu area allow establishing a stepwise evolution of glaciers in the last stages of the Pleistocene and allow differentiating between two ways of evolution of glaciers in their extinction stage, one in a normal ablation way, and the other one from glaciers to rock glaciers.

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dating major math

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dating major math

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