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Marcel Dekker, New York, He was invited to sustain plenary presentations at many national and international meetings and conferences. Quenching is the consequence of the second-kind collisions of CH4 molecule with Ar, N2 excited species and chemical reaction with OH radical, respectively.

Processes were confirmed by the decrease of the excitation temperature of Ar and electron number density when adding CH4 in Ar plasma. The development dating 254coke spectral sources began with flame, continued with arc and spark, than inductively coupled plasma ICPwhile in recent years microplasmas on a chip have become an important field of innovation [1].

Currently, ICP-AES is a mature technique with excellent analytical capabilities for the rapid multielemental determination as it benefits from the advantages of CCD technology and dualviewing.

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This last feature enables the miniaturization to hand-held systems for in-situ analysis [9]. The results obtained in our laboratory have demonstrated that the atmospheric pressure CCP with tubular electrode operated at W and below 1 L min -1 Ar is not only a relatively powerful excitation source in AES but also a promising atomization cell in atomic fluorescence spectrometry AFS []. The dating 254coke configuration favors the sample introduction right in the center of the plasma where most of the energy is dissipated.

This ensures a better wet aerosol-plasma interaction and therefore the decrease of the matrix effects compared to MIP. Nevertheless, the emission spectrum is rich in molecular bands OH, N2 over a wide range nm because of the air diffusion in the Ar plasma. This raises problems of spectral interferences on analytes lines both in AES and AFS when using a low resolution microspectrometer.

Plasmas used for analytical purposes are usually developed in Ar and He, while those for thin film growth or surface treatment in mixtures of these gases with hydrocarbons CH4, C2H2 dating 254coke. The study presents the features of the background emission over the spectral range nm and physical and chemical processes in plasma responsible for quenching of OH and nitrogen molecular emission and argon lines.

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Results were corroborated with the electron number density ne and excitation temperature Tex of Ar lines. The study is of interest since the introducing CH4 in the Ar plasma represents a simple method to remove spectral interference of the molecular emission on elements and allows the use of low-resolution microspectrometers in spectrochimical determinations. Procuror sef birou 1 Procuror 25 Grefier 5 b. Biroul de criminalistica Procuror : 4 Grefier 2 Procuror sef serviciu 1 Procuror 8 Grefier z C.

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A Case Study Beginning with V. Simion Gocan PhD.

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