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By mapping out equivalent certificates between MS, the ESPD replaces certificates issued by public authorities or a third party involved in a procedure. It is thus a valuable facilitator for cross-border participation of a greater number of potential operators in public procurement procedures and a valuable tool for integrating the European Single Market.

This document illustrates in detail how to use the model and assets in compliance with the Directive. The ESPD Response, the document that is filled-in by the Economic Operators stating whether they fulfill or not the criteria required in the ESPDRequest, and providing the sources where evidences can be obtained to prove that the criteria are met.

With that objective in mind the reader is provided with examples and rules relating to how the content of ESPD XML document should look like and be processed.

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  • Acest set de caractere poate fi utilizat pentru prelucrarea datelor și procesarea textului.

These amounts, also known as 'thresholds', vary depending on the type of the contract and of the administration level of the contracting authority. Those contracts that fall under this article 4 of the Directive are called contracts 'above the threshold', and the rest are known as contracts 'below the threshold'.

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However this document is oriented exclusively to illustrate how to create ESPD electronic documents for contracts above 30c3 wiki dating threshold. In order to make full use of the ESPD concept, Member States MS and private sector companies service providers are developing software and on-line services to help contracting authorities and economic operators draft interoperable ESPD electronic documents. These solutions will reduce that burden by removing the need to produce a substantial number of certificates and documentation related to exclusion and selection criteria.

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This will answer to obstacles reported by many suppliers and especially SMEs. For these software solutions to be interoperable they will have to conform to the indications set in this guide. This is represented in the diagram below: Figure 1. Figure 2. The choreography of business collaborations defines the sequence of interactions when the profile is run within datând un bărbat rus în america context.

Figure 3. In a Self-contained ESPD all the information needed for an ESPD Request is either contained in other parts of the document or the document refers to the authentic online source from where to obtain it. Thus the criteria and requirements that are particular to the MS or to the contracting authority, generic to all Procurement Procedures or particular of the Procurement Procedure, are explicitly mentioned or defined in the ESPD Request document.

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Additionally, in a Self-contained ESPD the Member State and the contracting authority are able to introduce requirements that are particular to the national legislation or the procurement procedure. Viteză dating event londra, in the case of exclusion grounds, the Member States can define in eCertis national exclusion criteria and link them to the corresponding European criteria defined in the Directives.

In the case of selection criteria, the contracting authority may introduce requirements for certain requirements e.

This document provides descriptions about some of these situations, mock-ups and XML examples to illustrate the differences between Regulated and Self-contained ESPDs and to clarify when and how to use them.

See also section "III.

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Mock-up Software applications need to be aware of this new feature introduced by the V2. Depending on whether the ESPD Request document that is being prepared is regulated or self-contained, a software application should behave in different ways; e.

The content of this folder is organised as follows: Figure 5. Distribution dist package art: contains graphical resources used to 30c3 wiki dating the distribution; cl: reference data codelists used by the XML instances. It also contains a spread-sheet with all the ESPD criteria structured. The results of such collaboration have been included in the version 2.

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  • By mapping out equivalent certificates between MS, the ESPD replaces certificates issued by public authorities or a third party involved in a procedure.

It is designed to plug directly into existing business, legal, auditing, and records management practices, and to operate within a standard 30c3 wiki dating framework such as ISO ebXML to provide a complete, standards-based infrastructure that can extend the benefits of existing Electronic Data Interchange EDI systems to businesses of all sizes.

UBL is also included in the European Catalogue EUcat : the rules on European standardisation allow the European Commission to identify information and communication technology ICT technical specifications - that are not national, European or international standards - to be eligible for referencing in public procurement.

UBL is also referred to in the Commission implementing decision of 31 October on the identification of Universal Business Language version 2.

Ediţia a patra Mai © Copyright Lenovo Conţinut Capitolul 1. Prezentarea generală a produsului. Vedere din spate.

Technical resources and tools are freely available for its use and repurpose by the Member States, 30c3 wiki dating Providers, EC and any 30c3 wiki dating stakeholders. This guide describes and illustrates only those elements from UBL The xsd folder contains the schemata fully documented with dictionary entry names, definitions, examples, etc.

The previous ESPD-EDM versions used its own libraries where Criterion and Evidence-related aggregate and components were defined components prefixed with cac-ccv:, cac-cev, cbc-ccv and cbc-cev. This new version uses components exclusively defined by UBL The usual prefix used to identify Common Aggregate Components is cac:. The prefix for Common Basic Components is cbc:. All the materials developed by UBL Beware that this might be a temporary location as this specification is still under revision.

Beware also that the namespaces used for the time being are also temporary until the revision is finished and the UBL The code epresents the concept and is used by software applications to retrieve the definition of the concept or moda dating app automatic decisions.

The essential distinctive features between identifiers and codes are: Identifiers point at specific occurrences of objects instances ; codes replace concepts; Identifiers are virtually limitless while codes are finite.

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Hence codes are maintained in 'Codelists' whilst identifiers are usually kept in databases. Identifiers are in principle maintained in the business domain, e. Codes may belong to three different domains: they can be somehow 'business-agnostic' and be used cross-domain e. ESPD-specific, such as the data type expected in the response to a criterion, or the type of a criterion property, etc.

In any project, like the ESPD-EDM, there are at least three types or layers of codes: Cross-sector, common, codes, like the ones defined and maintained by the ISO for currencies, languages, countries, etc. Types taxonomy of exclusion and selection criteria, types of evaluation method, etc.

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Codes are normally maintained in "code lists". The figure below illustrate how these elements are organised in the code lists maintained in spread-sheets: Figure 6.

Compulsory attributes Table 1.

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Table 2. One convenient characteristic of these two CCT elements Codes and Identifiers is that they use a rich set of attributes that allow to identify their pattern, the name of the list, the URI from where to obtain the list, the Agency that maintains the list, the version of the list, and other. Figure 7.

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UBL attributes for codes Attribute.